Pulse: Affairs: Give Us a “T”! Give Us an “A”!

The camera pans down slowly, soaking up every inch of the buxom, bikini’d blonde, lingering on her hips as she teasingly tugs her bottoms low enough to prove she’s not afraid of waxing. This sounds, and looks, like something from HotHornyBabes.com (not that we’d know), but it’s one of the Eagles cheerleaders, available in all her jiggling glory for free on PhiladelphiaEagles.com. It’s also the only site in the NFL that carries a warning saying, “Please note, this area contains age-appropriate content” — just like, well, HotHornyBabes.com (seriously, never been there).

The Birds’ cheerleaders are as much about controversy as touchdown dances, with their skimpy Vera Wang threads and their lingerie calendar, another NFL first. Unlike baseball, where the league supervises all MLB websites, the Eagles have total control over their content. But even though the website warning doesn’t set an age requirement of 18 and older, as many porn sites do, it sure reads like a sleaze notice.

Eagles senior marketing director Tim McDermott has nothing to say about the website’s XXX-style content alert. Instead, he takes a page from notoriously oblique head coach Andy Reid. “I’m not aware of what other teams are doing,” McDermott says. “We constantly ask the fans for feedback, and we felt [the warning] was the responsible thing to do.” He also notes that actual photos from the calendar — many of them topless — aren’t on any “free access sites.” So if you want real soft porn, Birds fans, it’ll cost you.