Taste: In Search Of: Bar Snacks

Who says tavern tidbits have to be limited to (frozen) chicken wings and (stale) nachos with cheese sauce? Here are three of our favorite bar bites.

Baked Clams
The buttery, briny baked clams at Delaware County’s venerable Original Clam Tavern are still served on trays custom-made by a metal shop that once stood around the corner. And at $8.95 for a rack of 12, they’re a true bargain.

Fried Smelts
A little-known fact about the Standard Tap is that while the meaty, manly dishes are outstanding, the fish is where it’s at. The fried smelts are no exception. (With the smaller smelts, you won’t even notice the tiny, edible bones.

Scotch Egg
At The Whip Tavern, a charming beer-only pub in Chester County, the Scotch egg — a sausage-meat-­encrusted deep-fried hard-boiled egg — is eaten with Scotch ales. Traditionally, the egg is used to prevent a hangover, so you’ll be one step ahead of the game.