Features: How to Speak Philadelphian: Top 10: Lyrics Heard at Philly Karaoke Bars

10. “I wanna fly like an Iggle.”
9. “Comin’ to Uhmurica.”
8. “Yer only you-men.”
7. “I dunno why youse say gabye, I say s’up.”
6. “Pleased ta meechas. Hope youse guess moi name.”
5. “Talk to me, so youse can see, skowen on, skowen on, skowen on.”
4. “Schmoke ona wooder, a fire in dis guy.”
3. “You loit up moi loif.”
2. “Cuz Saredee noit’s da noit I like. Saredee noit’s a’ight, a’ight, a’ight.”
1. “Yo Jude.”