Pulse: Chatter: Ta-Ta, Wawa

Sometimes, it’s easier to close than clean

Panic from the February closing of the 17-year-old Wawa at 20th and Locust went beyond the expected outrage from Dorchester party girls. (Where else to go for a midnight snack after a romp in the elevator?) Much of Center City fretted over the fifth in-town Wawa shutdown in the past decade. Wawa brass insist the closings are merely part of “an ongoing business process,” but it’s hard to envision five suburban stores turning off the coffee tap. Then again, it’s hard to imagine suburbanites accepting the crumb-filled shelves, mystery floor splotches and scent of scorched hot dog that characterize most of the ancient Wawas remaining in Center City. When the only thing separating your store from a 7-Eleven is the Big Gulp, maybe it is time to find another place to get your Fritos.