Pulse: Chatter: Philadelphia Magazine 100 Years: Julius Erving

In honor of our centennial, we look back at some of the stories that shaped Philly Mag

Philly Mag has long chronicled the city’s obsession with its sports heroes (who else would give Rocky his own statue?), and with his family-guy, dignified presence, 76er Julius Erving always seemed an ideal role model. But in “Julius Erving Doesn’t Want to Be a Hero Anymore” (October 2003), Robert Huber shattered Erving’s golden-boy image by delving into his sons’ drug addictions, his multiple affairs, and the demise of his 30-year marriage. “We hold these guys to higher standards than we do most people,” says Huber, “but then we also let them slide through the cracks and don’t call them out.” Still, Huber admits, the fan in him was pained reporting on his fallen hero. “It was like, ‘Julius! Say it ain’t so!’”

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