Good Life: The 411: Fitness: Sweating in Style

You won’t find spandex-clad musclemen pumping iron at Level 1 Fitness. Trainer Frank Calandrino recently opened the Old City exercise club as an upscale alternative to many of the city’s grunt-’n’-sweat gyms, and for Level 1’s largely 30-plus crowd, getting fit never felt so chic. There’s the four-person Kinesis class (a Pilates-like core workout), and the cutting-edge, Italian-made equipment—like the Cardio Wave, an updated elliptical that duplicates a skating motion to sculpt ­killer thighs—complete with screens that monitor your workout so you can concentrate on watching Law & Order. Again.

Level 1 Fitness at the National at Old City, 113 North Bread Street, 215-925-0215,