Health: Get Fit for Free!

Still got to pay for the gym? Here’s what to do before signing on the dotted line

So, this morning at the gym, I heard one of the regular coffee-club Spinners — we all blindly set up our bikes and then pad over to the so-kindly-provided coffee at Wayne’s Club La Maison for a cup before class starts — talking about how she no longer has to pay for her gym membership. She gets to come, every day, for free.

[sidebar]I was, to say the least, totally interested. And when I asked Barbara how she managed this sweet deal — the gym, for free?? How cool is that?! — she told me it was part of the SilverSneakers Fitness Program, an awesome benefit offered to individuals who “belong to participating Medicare health plans or Medicare Supplement carriers.”

Not only do you get an absolutely free, never-see-a-bill-again membership to any participating gym (that includes all the fun stuff, too, like classes, the pool and sauna), but if you’re traveling and don’t want to miss your daily cardio, you can waltz into any other participating gym across the country. “It’s a gift to me,” says Barbara, who no longer has to pay her $700-a-year membership fee.

Think you’ll have to swap gyms or use one that’s sub-par? Ha, check out the list of area gyms involved; you’ll find Center City’s Fusion, Philadelphia Sports Clubs and City Fitness Philadelphia, just to name a few. All I know is that I am so bummed I can’t apply!