Good Life: Model Citizens: Chi Kim, 33, and Ben Woodward, 33

 Kim and Woodwardnew are creative directors of the t-shirt line, Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Who: Chi is a clothing designer who’s worked for Urban Outfitters and Sailor Jerry; Ben is an artist and founding member of Space 1026, Philly’s now-famed studio and gallery for emerging artists.

What they’re doing: The couple are the new creative directors of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, a three-year-old t-shirt line that’s recruiting some of the country’s most serious up-and-comers to create unlimited-edition tops. Some of their shirt-designing artists

Whose work you should buy now: The brightest new stars include Alex Lucas and Alex Da Corte, plus locals like Lori D and Thom Lessner (who’s responsible for a new and irresistible trompe l’oeil work inspired by a circa-1980s David Lee Roth).

Where you can find their shirts: This month, 12 new designs debut at select boutiques in San Francisco, Singapore and Tokyo, at Old City’s Lost + Found, and online. Prices from $28.