Health: Have a Happy — and Healthy! — New Year

Make resolutions you’ll actually keep



The ball drops, streamers fly and resolutions are made. Each year, January 1st prompts us all to declare lofty goals of what we’ll be striving for in the coming year. And just as regularly, we’ve almost all forgotten them by the 14th!

This year, don’t just strive for a lower number on the scale. Instead of saying “I want to lose 10 pounds,” make a concrete goal to attend an extra Spinning class each week or to start packing a healthy lunch twice a week for work. These are things you can undoubtedly do and check off as you go, which will keep you motivated. And even if the goal in the back of your mind truly is to lose 10 pounds, these tangible intentions will help you get there.

In order to stay motivated, I’m publishing my 2008 resolutions to the world. First of all, I have gotten away from any weight lifting, and, after stumbling into a Body Pump class yesterday morning (my regular 6 a.m. Spinning class was canceled due to the holiday week), my entire upper body and backs of my legs are nicely reminding me I have been neglecting this area of my workout routine. So for 2008, I will be Body Pumping my way to a better bod every Thursday morning — and building stronger bones, too!

My other goal is to have a cup of green tea each night after dinner. Yes, green tea is full of so-good-for-you antioxidants, but the true reason I’m swearing to a mug a day is because I’m hoping that sipping after dinner will keep me from snacking, my most diet-destroying habit. And by not noshing on salty pretzels or popcorn right before bed, I have a feeling I’ll see a drop in that number on the scale.

So what are your 2008 health goals? Post them below, and you’ll have all of Philly to hold you accountable and cheer you on as you head into the New Year healthier and happier.