Health: See These Guys for a Healthy Breakfast

Enerjuicer’s just-blended juices are a smart, early-morning choice

Yeah, it’s cold out. But that fact doesn’t keep a line from forming each morning at Suburban Station’s Enerjuicer. Sam (shown right) and his trusty sidekick Romero pump out a slew of fresh juices for health-conscious commuters, including orange, apple, carrot, celery and lots of others. Whatever combo you want, one minute and it’s churned up and you’re on your way, your daily serving of fruits and veggies already almost met.

My favorite sweet treat is their freshly pulverized carrot and ginger juice. Carrots are one of the top sources of antioxidants, and I love knowing I’m fighting all of those cell-damaging, cancer-causing free radicals with each sip. And ginger is another nutritional powerhouse. It’s long been used medicinally to help treat gastrointestinal problems — it’s even been proven to relieve motion sickness and pregnancy-related nausea — and has anti-inflamatory compounds that alleviate pain in those suffering with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Good for those aching knees, too! (Find tips for dropping pounds even if you struggle with chronic pain here.)

For those turning up their noses at the thought of drinking their daily five, take heart. Up until about six months ago, I would never have believed I would actually look forward to sipping a veggie that should be chomped, but Home editor Janine White dispelled my previous prejudice when she tested home juicers. And thanks to my new daily addiction, I may just have to buy one.