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After traveling around Asia, Elizabeth Gilbert and her husband, Jose Nunes — known as “Felipe” to readers in Liz’s bestselling book, Eat, Pray, Love — have settled down in, of all places, New Jersey. “We decided we needed, as Jose says, a ‘proper home in a proper country,’” says Gilbert. “And surprisingly enough, we both wanted to be here.” “Here” is quaint Frenchtown, where the couple recently opened Two Buttons, a rambling warehouse-cum-storefront of artifacts they’ve found on their travels. With its piles of glittering jewelry (handmade by Nunes and the villagers Gilbert lived with in Bali), statues of beaming Buddhas, and one-of-a-kind treasures, the store feels like an enchanted attic where, if you rub that mischievous-looking oil lamp, a genie might pop out. But why is it called Two Buttons? You’ll have to wait for Eat, Pray, Love’s sequel.

Two Buttons, Harrison Street between 8th and 10th sts., Frenchtown, 908-328-1154, twobuttons.com.