Good Life: Style Adviser: Hometown Haberdasher

Where can a guy get a well-made off-the-rack suit these days?

So glad you asked, because we are absolutely loving Brooks Brothers (multiple locations, this season. The sometimes-stuffy standby chose fashion darling Thom Browne (an Allentown native, and last year’s winner of the Council of Fashion Designers of America Award for menswear) as its first-ever guest designer, and the resulting Black Fleece collection rocks: Basically, Browne found a way to mass-produce his ’50s-inspired flair for those without a Sixth Style Sense of their own, so whether you go for his classic worsted-wool three–button suit, chalk-stripe wool flannel or the line of tuxes, you’ll look like some urbane, well, Brit (or so-cool Allentowner!), with an edge.