Good Life: Model Citizen: Ali McCloud, 31

Who: Ali McCloud, Penn grad and owner of Arcadia, Northern Liberties’ newest boutique, which carries eco-friendly and socially responsible clothing and decor from Philly and around the world.

Some of her favorite green designers: Panda Snack, an all-bamboo line that makes softer-than-cotton tops, and Stewart+Brown (featured in Leo DiCaprio’s eco-documentary), which uses organic cotton, hemp, and cashmere bought from a Mongolian co-op.

How she got in the biz: “My grad thesis at FIT was about eco-friendly fashion, and my goal with Arcadia is to make eco-fashion accessible in Philly. I’m sick of people saying Philly’s not a great city to shop in. I think we’re on the cusp of a fashion explosion.”

Plans for the future: An eco-tourism travel consultancy, and a re-fashion service to give clothes you would toss (like that heinous bridesmaid dress) new — stylish — life.

Arcadia Boutique, 819 North 2nd Street, 215-667-8099,