Good Life: Model Citizen: Shelley Spector, 46

Who: Former owner and director of Bella Vista’s beloved Spector Gallery, which closed earlier this year.

What she’s up to now: Curating the Spector Collection, a unique series of art parties she’ll hold at private homes this September through December.

On the origin of her bright idea: “A gallery setting can be intimidating. So I thought, why not just bring art to people?”

Why you should check out a party: To meet new people. To learn about the local art scene. And to get your Christmas shopping done early: Spector will be selling prints from mostly local artists like Jim Houser, Thom Lessner, Rebecca Westcott, CW Wells and more; prices start at $100. (Original works will be available, too.) Plus, you’ll get to snoop around, er, “experience” the insides of other people’s houses. Fun!

For information and to sign up, check out, e-mail, or call 215-238-0840.