Good Life: Model Citizen: Lindy Snider

Who: Bryn Mawr mom, entrepreneur, and daughter of Flyers/Sixers owner Ed Snider. After seeing the harsh skin effects of radiation and chemotherapy on friends (including singer/songwriter Lauren Hart), Snider founded Lindi Skin — a line of skin-care products specifically formulated for cancer patients.

What’s new: Today, half of Lindi’s customers are non-patients who appreciate the line’s antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients.

How her products wound up in most major hospitals: “There’s nothing else like them on the market. You don’t lose your humanity when you get diagnosed — it’s still important to feel good about yourself.”

Her personal style: Casual and functional. “This job makes me realize what’s really important. I detest clothes-shopping.”

Proof she’s as bold in her free time as she is in business: Snider loves camping and fly-fishing. “I want to be the first Jewish cowgirl!”

Lindi Skin, 610-649-3900;