Shopping List: April 2006

Swarmbustin’ Honey
Allergy season has arrived, and Chester County honey maven Walt Broughton swears that a spoonful of his raw, organic golden syrup every day keeps sniffles in check by naturally building immunity to local pollens carried by his busy bees. Find it at or at Premium Steap, 111 South 18th Street; 215-568-2920.

Olive oils
At Lolita chef Marcie Turney’s new store Grocery, large canisters holding different varieties of international oils, like organic Spanish and Italian extra virgin, can be decanted into containers of various sizes to take home and try. And don’t miss the vinegars, which include 18-year-old aged white balsamic. Grocery, 101-105 South 13th Street; 215-922-5252.

This herring-family fish, particularly prized for its roe, has been a Delaware River staple since way before European settlers arrived. Celebrate seasonal harvesting at the 25th annual Lambertville Shad Festival on April 29th and 30th ( Or pick some shad up at FoodSource and lightly season it before baking, sautéing or grilling. Watch out for the bones. Various locations;

Chili pepper plants
Plant seedlings now, and in 60 days your peppers will be ready to spice up summertime salsa. Cross Country Nurseries, near New Hope, has more than 500 varieties of chili plants for purchase, from nuclear habanero chocolates to agreeable yellow albinos. 199 Kingwood-Locktown Road, Rosemont, 908-996-4646;

Butter lamb
A spring tradition from Montgomery County’s Keller’s Creamery, this hand-pressed lamb-shaped butter mold is sure to enliven Easter dinner, if only by revealing which cold-blooded relative will adorn bread with its head. Available at Pathmark in Broomall (30 Lawrence Road, Broomall; 610-356-2845) and other select locations;