Elegant Wedding: Bridal Bouquet: Freshly Squeezed

We understand the temp- tation to drink these juicy

We understand the temptation to drink these juicy pink grapefruit products, but please, trust us — they’re for external use only. Soak in ’em, spritz ’em on or light ’em up to rejuvenate your wedding-planning mind, body and soul, from left: Davies Gate Pink Grapefruit Soothing Shower Gel, $18, and Powder Sugar Bath Soak, $21, both at Bath & Body Works, King of Prussia; Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne, $90, Neiman Marcus, King of Prussia; Mor Grapefruit Bath Foam, $26, and Bath Soak, $18, both at Anthropologie, Philadelphia; and Jo Malone Grapefruit Home candle, $65, Neiman Marcus.