Philly’s Next Great Chefs

With the city’s most recent crop of celebrated chefs — Jose Garces, Daniel Stern — testing their luck as restaurateurs, a new generation of tastemakers is emerging in our restaurant kitchens. We surveyed area foodies — chefs, local

Pastry chef, Nectar

Age: 32 Her food: “Familiar flavors with more polished twists. Desserts should be fun.” How she’ll change Philadelphia: Landis is redefining the city’s idea of dessert to include ginger/Thai basil ice cream. What we’re craving: Her grandmother’s daffodil cake, a rich ­angel food slice that Landis dresses with anise pizzelles and a lemon­soufflé. Education: Culinary Institute of America. Experience: Western­Connecticut’s West Main Café and Via Matta in Boston. Ingredient of the moment: Molasses and maple syrup as sweeteners. What you won’t find on her menu: The ubiquitous crème brûlée and molten chocolate cake. Favorite cookbook: Sweet Seasons, by Richard Leach, and Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook. What she cooks at home: Basic chocolate cake. Where she eats on her day off: West Chester’s Kooma, for Japanese. Where she shops: A.C. Moore, for pans and other baking accessories. Details: Nectar, 1091 Lancaster Avenue, Berwyn, 610-725-9000;