Taste: Eat This Now: Exotic Spices

Go to Adriana’s Caravan to find ingredients that will spice up your meals

Jamaican curry, Moroccan rosebuds, even Asian white tree fungus — you’ll find them all at Adriana’s Caravan. Until it lost its lease last year, the one-stop spice shop in Grand Central Terminal — “Every ingredient for every recipe you’ve ever read” is the not-so-hard-to-believe slogan — was a New York foodie landmark. Now the Caravan has relocated to the Ardmore Farmers Market, filling the shelves with coveted Tiger Tiger Asian condiments, French mustards and Lebanese jams. That’s owner Rochelle Zabarkes behind the counter, offering samples of maple-vanilla pear butter on Stoltzfus pound cake and enthusiastically unpacking her latest find: South African staples like Mrs. H.S. Ball’s chutney and bobotie seasoning packets, discovered on a recent safari.

Adriana’s Caravan, Ardmore Farmers Market, Suburban Square, 120 Coulter Avenue, Ardmore, 610-649-4749; adrianascaravan.com.