Taste: Shopping List August 2006

Goodies you can buy from your favorite local restaurants.

Jams from Pif
David Ansill isn’t Pif’s only chef. His wife, Catherine, turns out beautiful jams from the same kitchen. They accompany foie gras and cheeses at Pif, but for $7 to $10, you can take home apricot, banana-rum or caramel-like milk jam to spread on anything you want. 1009 South 8th Street; 215-625-2923.

Snapper soup from Bookbinder’s
Enliven home suppers with Bookie’s self-proclaimed-famous snapper soup to go. Reheat it in your own pot and pretend you slaved all day. $5 for a cup; $6 for a bowl. 125 Walnut Street, 215-925-7027; bookbinders.biz.

Salad dressing from the Old Guard House Inn
Delaware Market House sells the creamy, tangy, from-scratch dressings that coat your favorite greens at the venerable Old Guard House Inn. Try the Caesar and the blue cheese. $5.99-$6.99 per half-pint. Delaware Market House, 357 Righters Mill Road, Gladwyne, 610-642-7120; delawaremarket.com.

House-cured salmon from Fork
Before that $18-a-pound salmon is layered on a bagel at Sunday brunch, the chefs at Fork cure it for three days in kosher salt and sugar, then coat it with white and black peppercorns, creating a textured, spicy flavor. Buy it at Fork, Etc., next door to the restaurant. 308 Market Street, 215-625-9425; forkrestaurant.com.

Ale from the Blue Pig
Take a taste of summer home. Cape May’s Blue Pig Tavern serves its own beer, brewed by New Jersey’s Flying Fish. The pale ale is smooth and refreshing, with a strong, hoppy finish. Priced at around $10 for a sixer. 251 Beach Avenue, Cape May; 609-884-8421.