The Snapshot: Pitchmen

WHERE: The Phillies’ bullpen, Citizens Bank Park. WHO: Brett Myers throwing warm-ups to catcher Carlos Ruiz. HOW THE BULLPEN IS LIKE A PRISON CELL: Lack of amenities. One telephone, one watercooler and one bathroom. A TYPICAL DAY FOR THE BULLPEN STAFF: Before the game, coach Ramon Henderson and catching instructor Mick Billmeyer help warm up the starting pitcher, throw batting practice, hit to infielders and shag flies. During the game, they keep relievers loose and anticipate instructions from pitching coach Rich Dubee. HOW ELSE THEY PASS THE TIME: “I’m a bachelor, so I can also spend some time checking out the ladies,” notes Billmeyer. WHAT MOST VISITING PITCHERS NOTICE ABOUT CBP: On a wall adjacent to the bullpen steps is a plaque commemorating Tug McGraw. Says Henderson: “You’d be amazed the number of visiting relievers who stop to read the plaque.”