Icons: The Numbers

The city’s recent proposal to return the eight-foot-six-inch bronze Rocky statue that once stood outside the Spectrum — given to Philadelphia by Sly Stallone upon completion of Rocky III — to the Art Museum only reinforces what most people have known for years: That august institution has become inextricably linked to Sly’s most famous movie character. To find out how inextricably, we sent our crack, completely unpaid researchers to find out.

Total number of people who ran up the Art Museum steps in one hour on a recent weekday afternoon: 18

Number of these people who ran the steps as part of a more extensive exercise regimen: 4

Number who raised their arms upon reaching the top of the steps: 5

Number who sang the Rocky theme as they ran the steps: 1

Number of sumo wrestlers participating in the World Sumo Challenge who ran the steps in early June: 11