Government: Other People’s Money

Does the Pennsylvania Treasury have a chunk of your change? See inside.

The Pennsylvania Treasury Department is currently holding around $1 billion in unclaimed cash and property. While the state is supposed to make some effort to find the rightful owners, it obviously hasn’t been trying very hard. A surprising number of folks owed money are not particularly reclusive:

Who: Mayor John Street
What he’s got coming: A life insurance rebate check. (The state doesn’t release specific values.)
What he’ll do with it: Download gospel songs from iTunes.
What he should do with it: Pay Milton to not run for state rep.

Who: Action News weather-babe Cecily Tynan
What she’s got coming: A refund from the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District.
What she’ll do with it: Buy some new running shoes.
What she should do with it: Buy My First Doppler for baby Luke.

Who: Ubiquitous DJ Jerry Blavat
What he’s got coming: An insurance claim check.
What he’ll do with it: Buy rare 45s off eBay.
What he should do with it: Score some Valium to calm him down a bit.

Who: Criminal defense attorney Chuck Peruto Jr.
What he’s got coming: More than $100 from DaimlerChrysler.
What he’ll do with it: Buy a round of drinks.
What he should do with it: Buy some sunblock.

Are you entitled to any of the $1 billion? Search the Treasury database.