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Jeremy Durkin
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Jeremy Durkin



During a hot 2021 housing market, when buyers needed every competitive advantage they could get to assist in getting their offer accepted, a local, reputable and reliable lender had never been more important—and more buyers turned to Jeremy Durkin and his team with CrossCountry Mortgage than to anyone else in Philadelphia
The Durkin Team’s mission is speed, efficiency and consistency. This is achieved through systems and persistence, as well as through being readily available and accessible at all times, maintaining a positive attitude and being aware of each team member’s daily responsibilities to keep the order of business in a constant flow. Durkin and his team remain focused on offering the best services possible and upholding superior standards for their clients, while also having a keen eye on supporting their Realtor Referral partners.
The Durkin Team is “Always On”: on-point, on-line and on-time. Their strong base of loyal repeat clients have allowed them to remain successful and to grow continually year after year in an incredibly competitive mortgage sales enviornment, ranking them as the number one lender in Pennsylvania for units and volume for the fifth year running.
“We are incredibly grateful for everyone’s support, and we look forward to running it back again in ‘22,” Durkin says.


CrossCountry Mortgage

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Ardmore, PA


Top Mortgage Professional: 2022