Good Buy Supply Will Extend the Life of Your Favorite Jeans

East Passyunk's sustainable general store announces denim mending and repair services.

Denim / Photograph by Kinga Krzeminski/Getty Images

Good news for slow-fashion folks: Good Buy Supply will now repair and mend your denim for as low as $20. The South Philly general store and bulk refillery, dedicated to reducing personal waste and offering plastic-free alternatives to everyday goods, announced the news last week. Your denim will be in good hands, as Love Your Schmatte’s Allie Hauptman will be in charge of the repair and mending herself.

“We value sustainable ideals such as making meaningful purchases, caring for clothing, and creating unique, artistic pieces with mending,” Good Buy Supply co-owner Emily Rodia says. “With Allie, we have created a drop-off location at our shop for mending services for those looking to repair their beloved garments instead of sending them to the landfill.”

Hauptman plans to pick up batches of clothing from Good Buy Supply weekly. The small business owner started Love Your Schmatte in 2021 when a friend convinced her to start offering her mending services to others — something she had done for herself for years to reduce her spending as well as reduce textile waste. Aligning with Good Buy Supply’s commitment to sustainability, the zero-waste micro-repair shop pairs perfectly with the general store’s community education initiatives.

As Philly faces threats such as extreme storms, higher air temperatures, and rising sea levels due to climate change, Good Buy Supply’s partnership with Love Your Schmatte reminds us that we can help make a difference with our individual consumer behavior. Luckily, Good Buy Supply is not the first local shop to explore mending — clothing line Lobo Mau partnered with Love Your Schmatte in November 2021 for a pop-up drop-off and consultation mending event.

“With today’s fast-fashion brands taking a stronghold on the textile industry, there is more waste being produced than ever before,” Rodia says. “We believe a big part of sustainability is using and maintaining what you already have first.”

Good Buy Supply is located at 1737 East Passyunk Avenue.