How Designer Brittany Hakimfar Turned This New-Build Townhouse Into a Sophisticated, Lived-in Sanctuary

Far Studio transformed a NoLibs townhouse into a calm, cool, collected retreat.

west coast interior design inspiration

Designer Brittany Hakimfar infused this home with West Coast interior design inspiration. Photograph by Brian Wetzel

When a young couple left Brooklyn for a Northern Liberties new-build townhouse, they reached out to Far Studio, a Bryn Mawr-based interior design firm helmed by Brittany Hakimfar and her husband, Benjamin, who handles the company’s business side. In a whirlwind six months, Brittany took the builder’s-grade shell and transformed it into a sophisticated, lived-in sanctuary. “We wanted to bring in a lot of natural woods, stones and cool millwork details, and make their home an oasis,” she says.

Brittany, who spent six years running a design firm in L.A., infused the home with her signature blend of West Coast cool: organic shapes and earthy textures; dramatic flashes of super-saturated, moody color (an inky almost-black office, a deep aqua green guest room); artfully curated found objects and artifacts; and a generous sprinkling of pedigreed pieces from iconic mid-century designers. “It feels authentic and textured and livable,” Brittany says. And yes, amid the buzz of the surrounding city, it feels, undeniably, like an oasis.

“The clients found us on Instagram. That’s something we’re hearing a lot these days. They loved our aesthetic and truly trusted us through the process.” — Brittany Hakimfar

Living Room

A tonal color palette lets an expert mix of textures shine: white linen drapes, a nubby woven sisal rug, a clean-lined white oak coffee table, and a credenza with arched cane details. The room’s star: Hans Wegner’s famous Flag Halyard lounge chair.

west coast interior design inspiration

The office. Photograph by Brian Wetzel


A near-black wall color is a moody backdrop for art (a white sculpture perched on an equally sculptural black side table; a custom plaster painting by a local artist propped on the desk) and design icons (Arne Jacobsen’s desk lamp and an Eames chair).

west coast interior design inspiration

The dining room. Photograph by Brian Wetzel

Dining Room

Oak shelves hang on a ceramic-tile wall and display funky found objects and everyday items like coffee mugs. Wishbone chairs surround a Scandinavian white oak dining table.

west coast interior design inspiration

The bedroom. Photograph by Brian Wetzel

Main Bedroom

A custom bed unit features integrated nightstands and shelving. Articulated metal sconces flank the white linen-upholstered bed, and a Noguchi pendant hangs above.

Published as “Laid-Back Luxe” in the November 2021 issue of Philadelphia magazine.