We’re Obsessed With These 6 Facial Serums Created by Local Beauty Makers

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Photograph by Michael Persico

These high-performance facial serums — all concocted by homegrown beauty-product makers — will transform your skincare routine.

1. For soothing inflammation

This Korean-inspired concoction — from a Manayunk company that’s earned accolades from WWD and Shape — calms skin and boosts collagen production.

Five Ginseng Serum, $65 at Sabbaticalbeauty.com[1].

2. For anti-aging

The acidic properties of Moroccan argan oil and grapeseed oil — mixed up by this fast-growing Bok Building company — help tighten the skin naturally.

Franklin & Whitman[2] Walnut Hill Face Serum, $39.95 at United By Blue[3], Old City.

3. For toning and brightening

You’ll want this serum for the smell alone — it’s basically fall, bottled — but its powerful natural apple and cinnamon extracts will leave you glowing, to boot.

Apple Cider Serum, $75 at Sabbaticalbeauty.com[1].

4. For erasing dark circles

The two female founders of this Mount Airy-based biz use a vitamin E and citrus-infused almond oil to lighten and soothe delicate under-eye skin.

Bolted From the Blue Bright Eyes Serum, $14 at Vault + Vine[4], East Falls.

5. For beating breakouts

Rose hip oil and hemp oil make up this chemical-free hydrating mixture, crafted in small batches by a Philly native who recently moved out West.

5th Dimension Sub Rosa Serum, $28 at Downerss[5], Fishtown.

6. For fine lines

This skin-care mecca created a quick-absorbing hyaluronic acid mixture for plumping and toning between facials.

Hydraserum, $84 at 3000BC[6], Chestnut Hill and Washington Square West.

Published as “Little Vanities” in the September 2018 issue of Philadelphia magazine.

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