The 8 Best Pet Photographers and Artists in Philly

Sit! Stay! Now, who’s a pretty boy?

Dog portrait by Andrew Pinkham Photography

Philadelphia is a big-time dog town. (Two words: canine acupuncture.) The latest way pet parents are declaring their fur-baby love is by having professional animal photographers give their critters the Mona Lisa treatment.

Here are five local photographers sure to find Fido’s best side:

1. For pups who rule the roost: Andrew Pinkham Photography

Rittenhouse artist Pinkham makes Philly pups regal with his singular portraits. Yes, there’s a reason they cost more than a car payment: After a consultation and studio shoot, Pinkham blends the portrait into a romantic, painterly background, be it a verdant Pennsylvania landscape or a Vermeer-like interior.

Price: $950 to $1,550

2. For elderly pets: Pet Imagery

Eleven years ago, Lauren Kaplan was inspired to commemorate her aged family dog, Norma, with photos before she passed away — and a career was born. Now, the South Philly photographer specializes in cheery, naturally lit headshots of senior cats and dogs.

Price: $250 to $525

3. For a true family photo: April Ziegler Photography

Collegeville’s Ziegler has cornered the cute market by expertly photographing kids and pups together. And while she likes to prop out pets for a gallery-wall-worthy series — with accoutrements like candy-heart glasses for Valentine’s Day and rabbit ears on that boxer — she always gets that big-eyed, melt-your-heart shot.

Price: $600 to $1,000

4. For engaged couples: Wag Your Tail Photography

Since many Philadelphians become dog parents before taking the official walk down the aisle, Wayne-based photographer Christina Cookson offers a “Pawfect Save the Date” package for betrothed duos. After a 90-minute session in a favorite location, you’ll get a series of bright, poppy, happy photos—just in time for that save-the-date to be sent.

Price: $350

5. For an active pup: Willow Street Pictures

Capturing your dog bounding down his favorite hiking trail or leaping for a Frisbee ain’t easy—but the talent at Willow Street specializes in it. The studio is based in Berks County, but its photographers travel all over. Go with the “Scenic Route Creative” package and you’ll get calendar-worthy photos of you and your pup in the studio and at play.

Price: $449

Or are you looking to capture your pooch’s spirit with a bit more flair? In that case, opt for original art. Here are three artists who can turn your pet into a masterpiece:

1. Jay McClellan

The work of modernist Jay McClellan — the East Falls artist has painted Chase Utley’s pup and some of the art hanging in White Dog Café — is a little pop, a little cubist, and always colorful.

Price: $950 to $8,000

2. Susan Beard Design Co.

For something more irreverent, Manayunk-based digital studio Susan Beard Design Co.’s Regal Beagle division seamlessly blends your pet’s head onto the body of an 18th-century lord or lady. Think: those poker-playing dogs, but with a royal tilt.

Price: $135 to $630

3. Debbie Radicchi

If traditional black-and-white work is more your style, Fairmount artist Debbie Radicchi sketches sweet, framable, super-detailed dog and cat portraits in pencil.

Price: $135