PHOTOS: Activists in Action at This Weekend’s Marriage Equality Rally in Harrisburg

Rabble-rousers from across Pennsylvania gathered at the Capitol Saturday for a good old-fashioned protest.

Protestors of all ages showed up for Saturday's marriage-equality rally in Harrisburg.

The leading ladies of newly formed activist group The Summit (introduced to you last month), in conjunction with the folks from Marriage Equality for Pennsylvania, hosted a roughly 100-strong and two-hour-long rally at the foot of Harrisburg’s State Capitol Building on Saturday morning. The rainbow-toting crowd, which aimed to put a face to the state’s LGBT community for legislators, was comprised of individuals from all across the state – Pittsburgh to Harrisburg; York to our brotherly-lovin’ Philadelphia – and speakers from all walks of gay, lesbian and allied life.
“It was a good turnout, and I’m happy we got so many government people to show up,” says Wendy Forbes, co-founder of The Summit and mother of the super-cute 8-year-old protester pictured above. “We appreciate all of the work Marriage Equality for Pennsylvania did to make this happen, and we look forward to doing more rallies together.”
By “more rallies,” she not only means a Decision Day rally to be held outside of Independence Mall in response to the Supreme Court’s forthcoming Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8 decisions, but also an in-the-works “road rally tour” she’s planning with Summit co-founder Janice Rael and Marriage Equality for Pennsylvania co-founders David Moore and Josh Szczesny.
But before we get ahead of ourselves by talking about jolly gay road tours, take a gander at the photo spread (below) from Saturday’s event to witness the feel-good activism for yourself.

A 21-year-old student from Harrisburg Community College captivates the crowd with his speech.


Janice Rael (left) and Wendy Forbes (right) cozy up together on the steps of the Capitol Building.

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