13 Questions With the New Mr. Gay Philadelphia

Everything you need to know about the new king of Philly gays.

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This weekend, at Bruce Yelk’s much-hyped Triumphant Pride event, Thomas Westerfer was crowned 2013 Mr. Gay Philadelphia. Here, I cozy up to the 27-year-old event planner from Troy, Pa., in the attempt to get to know our new king a little better. Takeaways? He loves a good exclamation point, he gets a kick out of dancing around in his underwear in front of his straight roomies and, heads up, fellas, he’s single as a one-dollar bill.

What’s your Philly connection? I was born and raised in Troy, a small country town in North Central, Pa. I left right after high school knowing something was different about me. Being a small town, Troy could not handle my outgoing personality. Thus, I sought the comfort of Philadelphia, where my family originated. When are you happiest? Being with my friends at live house-music concerts, or riding ATVs back in Troy. Are you single? Yes What are you looking for in a guy? Personality and a great smile! What gave you the edge over the rest of your competition in Mr. Gay Philly? Definitely my personality, theatrical influences, charm and smile. If your new title granted you one magical power, what would it be and why? Control the weather so I could tan every day of the week. Ha! Seriously, though, if you could achieve one thing with this new platform, what would it be? My plan is to capitalize on my strengths, improve on my shortcomings and positively influence my community! If you had to make royal babies with either Kate or Pippa, who would you choose and why? Neither! Gaga because she is the real queen!!! Describe the perfect night in the Gayborhood in three words. BOYS, BOYS, BOYS. Where is your favorite place in the world? Anywhere that has a beach! If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which would you choose and why? I would have to say DNA, I just love being in my underwear all the time!! Who is your diva inspiration? At the moment, I would have to say one of our local drag celebrities in Philly: Eric Satine Harlow Ziker. I just love his energy, passion, organization, fierceness, attitude and positivity. What is your life motto? Good better best, may you never let it rest, until your good becomes your better and your better becomes your best. I feel gayest when … I’m dancing around the house in my underwear and my straight roommates walk in with a clueless facial expression — even though they love it!

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