Pa. Principal Tells Trans Student He Can’t Run for Prom King, Puts Him on Prom-Queen Ballot Instead

When Isaak Wolfe went to put his name on the prom-king ballot his principal told him to run for queen instead.

Someone needs to tie this around that principal's mouth.

Take a seat. This is infuriating.

According to Gay Star News, Isaak Wolfe, an 18-year-old trans high school student from Red Lion, Pa., says that his principal, Mark Shue, denied him the right to run for prom king at his high school prom. And if that isn’t bad enough, the principal took it upon himself to add Wofle to the prom-queen ballot — even after Wolfe began handing out prom-king campaign fliers to his fellow students.

Wolfe tells the York Daily Record that the Shue’s move was humiliating. ‘If I would have known they would’ve done that, I probably would have opted out.” In another interview with the The York Dispatch, Wolfe went on to say that, “For a transgender person, it is degrading to have that, and I wasn’t even warned.”

For shame.

So far, officials from the high school — Red Lion Area High School — have declined to comment, but is spreading the news with an online petition to get Wolfe on the prom-king ballot and to have his chosen name read at his upcoming graduation ceremony.

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