Scratch That: Nude Sunbathing on Fire Island a Go!

Officials clarify that the proposed ban on nude sunbathing does not affect "the Meatrack."

Free as a bird!

Looks like nude sunbathing is a go on Fire Island — if you stick to the expanse of shore between Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove, otherwise known as “the  Meatrack.” In a statement, Chief Ranger of the Fire Island National Seashore, Lena B. Koschmann, — the same lady who released the previous statement saying there would be no more nude sunbathing, clarifies:

Fire Island National Seashore has chosen to start enforcing the state law prohibiting public nudity in the federal land it administers.  Community beaches – including those in front of the Pines and Cherry Grove – will not be affected by this. They are policed by the Suffolk County police department, and it is not something they have chosen to enforce in the past.

The area known as “the Meatrack” is not a target of our enforcement. We do not plan on focusing our enforcement efforts in that area – however, of course, if people are disobeying the law, including having sex in public or doing drugs, of course we would enforce laws. Use and compliance will be monitored throughout the park, with additional measures being taken as necessary.  Should concentrations of nudity and lewd and lascivious behaviors increase in other federal areas and cause conflicts with other visitors or protected species, then we may expand its enforcement efforts.

I can’t help but wonder if she said “the Meatrack” with a straight face. Nonetheless, there you go; drop your drawers and swim and splash till your naked heart’s content!

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