Fashion: Johnny Anastacio with 6 Spring Style Tips for Men

The sassy Kimora: House of Fab star says pull out the boat shoes and make a fast dash for off-neons.

This year, model/business mogul/reality star Kimora Lee Simmons decided to get the cameras away from her personal life and turn them on the always-fab, mostly drama-filled haps in the office of her online fashion retail shop, JustFab. The new show, Kimora: House of Fab, features a whole new cast of catty, fashion-forward characters, including gay graphic designer Johnny Anastacio (aka The Drama King). If you’ve seen the show, you already know this guy is one of the best dressed men on TV. He can pull off any look — whether he’s going all K-Pop in urban gear and over-sized chains or keeping it low-key in preppy slacks and a button-down. So when I had a chance to gab with him this week, I had to pick his brain about what guys should be shopping for as the warmer months approach.

So, without further ado, here are Johnny Anastacio’s head-to-toe spring style tips for gents:

  1. Invest in a nice pair of pleated shorts that go slightly above the knee. You don’t want to wear khakis or baggy shorts. I think spring is a time [for gay guys] to show off a little more skin.
  2. Buy some good tank-tops and polos. [Gay men] love working on our bodies and we love showing off some skin, so definitely a few button-neck polos and a deep-V tank tops in bright vibrant colors.
  3. Stripes. The nautical look is huge for spring. Invest in a few pairs of Sperrys or boat shoes — slip on loafers are great.
  4. And a lot of colorful accessorie, like an orange watch and [stuff that’s] neon — a neon belt even. Pairing them all together and layering them with a cardigan is great. Having a nice cashmere cardingan in grey or a softer, muted color would go well with all the bright colors.
  5. Also get pedicures. A lot of gay guys wear flip-flops with nasty toes. Get your pedicures and get those callouses removed so you can have fabulous feet to show off.
  6. And black and white is in right now. Not only are bright colors — like the sorbets and off-neons, but black and white is going to be really big, so definitely invest in some black and white staples and some off-sorbet neon colors.

Kimora: House of Fab airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on the Style Network.


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