Video: Johnny Weir Skates at Philadelphia Winter Pride 2013

Plus photos from Philly's newest/chilliest Pride festival.

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir doing some fancy loops, twirls and lowdowns for the first-ever Philadelphia Winter Pride. Those are correct figure skating terms, right?

On Friday, Philly Pride Presents debuted the first-ever Philadelphia Winter Pride with über-gay Olympic skater Johnny Weir. I mean, could they have found anyone better? From all accounts, the evening was a heckuva good time. Weir was presented with a Winter Pride award and guests had a chance to see the wunderkind do a few world-renowned twirls around the rink and pose with him in pics. G Philly correspondents Eric Manas and Christopher Brucks were there to capture the whole shebang in photos and video (see above). See them all after the jump. 

Johnny Weir possibly considering doing one of his signature clockwise spin-jumps.

Philly Pride presents Johnny Weir with the first Winter Pride Award.

Weir chatting with a Channel 6 reporter.

Attendees trying to do their best Weir impressions.

Icandy employees representin'.

City of Brotherly Love Softball League (now in their 30th year!)

Nothing gayer than ice skating in a purple haze.

Music was provided by the Philadelphia Freedom Band, who also recently performed at the Presidential Inauguration March, thank you very much.

Philadelphia Freedom Band trumpeter, Kristen.

Eric Manas poses with Johnny Weir. Look at those fresh faces!

All-around fab gay Christopher Brucks looking cozy at a cute little kitten.

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