Monday Kickstarter: Cher Releases Details About New Album!

Plus: Same-sex military spouse gets approved for military burial and 2.7 percent of Pennsylvanians identify as gay.

I trolled the web for gay news all weekend so you wouldn’t have to …


  • In a ceremony on Friday, President Obama honored PFLAG founder Jeanne Manford with the 2012 Presidential Citizens Medal, saying, “She inspired a movement and gave rise to a national organization that has given so much support to parents and families and friends, and helped to change this country.” Manford passed away last month, so her daughter was there to accept the prestigious award. —Greg in Hollywood
  • For the first time, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has approved a military burial for the wife of a lesbian veteran. —Gay Star News
  • LGBT groups in Indiana launch a Facebook page to protest the ignorant special-ed teacher who said, “Gays don’t have a purpose.” —Gay Star News
  • A recent Gallup poll keeps track of the number of people who identify as gay in each state. Pennsylvania has a pretty low 2.7 percent. You should see Washington D.C.! —Gallup


  • LGBTQ football group Football v. Homophobia has started a campaign against gender-based violence in South Africa. —Gay Star  News
  • Two LGBTQ pictures won Teddy Awards at the Berlin Film Festival — W imie, a film about a gay priest, and Bambi, a documentary about 77-year-old trans burlesque star. —Queerty
  • With Russia’s ban on “gay propaganda” on the horizon, gay people in neighboring Belarus are reporting an increase in police brutality toward gay people. —Queerty
  • A Subway in France offers a Valentine’s Special for heterosexuals only. I guess they know where they can shove that foot-long. —HuffPo Gay Voices


  • Pop goddess Cher took to Twitter over the weekend to talk about her new album, tweeting, “As an artist whose last release was 11 yrs ago!I  want 2 sing my heart out! Some think I haven’t sung because I no longer Can..Its is why I’ve taken so Long..I want it 2B perfect.” The release date is scheduled for not-soon-enough. —Greg in Hollywood
  • Speaking of Cher, her son Chaz Bono gave an interview to Howard Bragman’s “GWissues” — the first since she lost 45 lbs.
  • Actor Ezra Miller explains why he came out as “queer” instead of “gay.” —Gay Star News
  • After coming out last week, retired soccer star Robbie Rogers says he has received an outpouring of love from the LGBTQ community. —Greg in Hollywood
  • The Gossip returns to the music-video scene with a new video in which openly gay lead singer Beth Ditto says, “Get a Job.”
  • Peruvian-Japanese singer Sebastian Castro released a video for “Bubble,” in which he tries to recreate the night he lost his virginity.

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