Last Night: #faymeproblems Karaoke

Photos and a video of the cute boys and drag queens who came to the party.

Had a great time at last night’s inaugural launch of the now-weekly #faymeproblems Karaoke at PYT. As usual, host Tammy Faymous (full disclosure: the boy version of her, Alexander Kacala, works for Philly mag) was a fantastic, foul-mouthed diva of an MC. She sang two songs before I left: The Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly” and Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good,” which you can see in the video above. Despite the dreary weather, the crowd was great for a first-time party. There were lots of cute guys and another sassy drag queen named Seven Supernal, who came decked with a plume in her hair and a glittery ensemble fit for some Mardi Gras-themed cabaret. See photos of her and a few others after the jump.

Matthew, John and Sadiki at the bar.


Tammy Faymous's full-body shot. That's one classy broad.

Tammy Faymous and me. I was trying to cop a feel of those gold, spiky boobs.

Sadiki at the bar.

Tammy worked that control station.