Being Gay and a Bishop

A new documentary about Gene Robinson debuts at Sundance this week

Love Free or Die” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this week. The film, which chronicles the controversial rise of Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Bishop in the U.S., opens a dialogue about organized religion and the LGBT community. In the film, Robinson discusses what it’s like having a religious calling and being gay, as well as his love for God and his partner Mark. He’s also candid about the death threats he receives daily – and why he wore a bullet-proof vest to his consecration.

The film was directed by Macky Alston, whose father and grandfather were both Presbyterian ministers. “It has been extraordinary to see how my family’s mind has been changes due to me being a happy, functioning gay Christian,” Alston has said in an interview. “When people want this movie, they will have to see humanity in all of its greatness and flaws and see themselves in these LGBT people of faith.”

Check it out: