Backlash Against Old Navy

Right-wing groups are furious with the retailer for selling Pride shirts to benefit the "It Gets Better" Project

Surprise. Surprise. There’s been a backlash against Old Navy by a few right wing groups who are upset with the retailer for selling Pride-themed shirts with proceeds supporting LGBT suicide prevention. Seems as though the American Family Association is especially outraged that Old Navy would endorse the gay “lifestyle” by donating 10 percent of Pride T-shirt sales to the It Gets Better Project.

So they’re calling for a boycott – and they’re not alone. The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission – another vehemently anti-gay group – also condemned the shirts. It’s interesting that two organizations that supposedly say they value life and family are outraged over a campaign that seeks to save the lives of young people at risk.

Do you know what this means? It’s time to support Old Navy and buy some tees for Pride this Sunday! Apparently they’re flying off the shelves in almost 30 stores around the country and on the website.

Not only is Old Navy selling shirts for men, women and infants in time for Gay Pride Month, but Brooklyn Industries – with a location on Walnut Street in Center City – is also selling a Pride shirt with proceeds benefiting LGBT charities. And just down the street at American Apparel, you can still pick up the popular Legalize Gay shirts.

Need more of a reason? Here’s a clip of American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer blasting Old Navy for its gay-positive campaign: