Five Heroes Honored

Delaware Valley Legacy Fund honors locals for their work in the LGBT community

Every year the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund (DVLF), a fundraising and advocacy organization, honors those people and organizations that make a difference in Philadelphia’s LGBT community. DVLF Executive Director John Moeller says those being spotlighted this year have each contributed significantly to the every day lives of gays and lesbians throughout the region and, in some cases, around the country.

“The Heroes were chosen this year to reflect an issue that impacts the LGBTI community today: the need for equality,” Moeller says. “All of our Heroes are working in our community to make this a reality.”

This year, five Heroes will be honored on May 6 during a special event at the PNC Center (7 p.m.).

They include Terri Clark, an employee at ActionAIDS who, for over three years, has served as the nonprofit’s prevention services coordinator. She has expanded the department with what’s described as an “unfaltering” commitment to the issues of gender equality and sexual health. She’s also known for her great sense of humor and “a laugh that lights up the room,” says Moeller.

Terri Clark (photos courtesy of DVLF)

The youth hero this year is Michael Pastore who serves on The Attic Youth Center Planning Committee, Youth Advisory Board and Board of Directors. Pastore is “dedicated to making the lives of LGBTQ youth better,” says Moeller, “both for his peers and future generations.”

The National Adoption Center is also being honored because of its nonprofit work with gay and lesbian families. Not only has the center expanded adoption opportunities for children living in foster care, but it’s a resource for those who may seek to adopt children into their own families. “The center has launched the first program in the Delaware Valley to encourage members of the LGBT community to consider adoption,” Moeller explains, “and to connect them with welcoming adoption agencies.”

Michael Pastore

He says this year’s corporate honoree, Media Copy, has shown its ongoing support for the LGBT community. The full-service digital printing company has offices in Center City and in the suburbs of Media. “They are a constant and consistent supporter of the LGBTI community,” says Moeller, who explains the company not only gets it, but they give back with philanthropy programs and serve as example for other independently owned businesses throughout the region.

Finally, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is also being lauded for its work on a national level to help end discrimination in schools based on sexual orientation and gender identity and keeping students safe.

“A large piece of what DVLF does is endowment building,” Moeller tells G Philly, “allowing people to leave a legacy that will have an impact on future generations. Our Heroes this year reflect this idea by working to create a world that is inclusive of everyone for the next generation.”