Pro Hockey’s Josh Gorges Reported to Announce He’s Gay

Gorges' coming out would be a game-changer in pro sports.

Our friends over at have been mulling forever the prospect of an active pro athlete coming out of the closet, which would certainly be a game-changer in the world of pro sports. Now it seems as if they (and we) might get their wish: Reports have surfaced this morning that Montreal Canadiens hockey player Josh Gorges is scheduled to announce this week that he’s gay.

While one could certainly argue that a coming-out story from MLB or the NFL (as Philly Mag explored not long ago) would carry more firepower, Gorges’ coming out–if confirmed–would nonetheless be a game-changer (ha!) in pro sports. For now, the German-born Gorges is staying mum, neither confirming nor denying the rumor. But for many of us who as tortured teens could not have imagined a pro athlete having the balls to come out of the closet (or gays being able to legally marry, either), just the prospect of such an announcement is cause for unbridled glee.

And a compelling reason to start watching hockey.

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