Valentine’s Day Dining Options for Queer Lovebirds

Local gay food blogger Josh Schonewolf recommends six places to dine with your Valentine.

Do you feel it in the air, lovebirds? Me too. Cartoon hearts are above us, glittery unicorns are flying around the Philly skyline and everything tastes just a little sweeter. Valentines’ Day is here, and many Philadelphia restaurants have unveiled menus for the occasion. Here are a few choices from Josh Can’t Cookville, courtesy of the mayor, Josh Schonewolf.

This restaurant — the second from Olivier Desaintmartin — champions the French bistro genre. It’s sort of under-the-radar, so Valentine’s Day might be an awesome first date with Zinc. Hope you guys hit it off. 246 S. 11th St., 215-351-9901.

How much: $100 Per Couple
Highlight: Egg pappardelle with oxtail ragout

Midtown Village’s reigning Miss America of Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran’s empire is just so amazing. You might fall more in love with your meal than your date. I went here on a date last week, and became so obsessed with what I ate. Everyone should give it a try.105 S. 13th St., 215-922-6061.

How much: $55 per person
Highlight: Olorosso braised shortribs, sweet potato puree, roasted black grapes and olive oil herb bread crumbs

I had my birthday party here a few years ago, and I felt like the prettiest boy in the entire world. The Peruvian-fusion cuisine is enough to make you feel young and in love forever. Pop the wine open, stare into each others’ eyes and eat up. 70y Chestnut St., 215-925-5555.

How much: $75 per person
Highlight: Pork belly bao buns, hoison glaze, pickled carrots & daikon and togarashi mayo

This newbie Eurasian restaurant needs to feel the Philly love, so bring a date and settle in. The inventive menu is ready to be obsessed over by a herd of Valentine’s Day lovahs. 312 Market St., 267-273-1003.

How much: $40 per person
Highlight: Oil-poached salmon, curried artichokes, root vegatable timbale and baby Shanghai tips

Supper is the reigning king of farm-to-table dining in Philadelphia. The food is always so bold and fresh; it would be perfect for a first date. Just don’t choke on the amazingness. 928 South St., 215-592-8180.

How much: $69 per person
Highlight: Kentucky fried quail, red velvet waffle, dried cherry chutney, peppadews and country ham

French-kiss your way through the doors, and have a seat inside of one Philly’s greatest BYOBs. Smackdab in the heart of South Philly, Will is the perfect date for anyone with and adventurous palette. You and your loved one better get ready for a lovey-dovey night to remember. 1911 E. Passyunk Ave., 215-271-7683.

How much: $65 per person
Highlight: Milk-fed poulard

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