Photos: Tabu at Cupid’s Undie Run

HughE Dillon captures Tabu Philly and more at Saturday's chilly spring for charity.

Tabu's Larry Emeigh (far left) and Freddy Shelley (far right) all pumped up at Cupid's Undie Run.

On Friday, I told you that Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar would be participating in this weekend’s Cupid’s Undie Run, and Philly mag photog HughE Dillon was there to capture them (above) in their chilly sprint for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Tabu was the event’s fifth-highest-earning charity, pulling in $4,096 for the cause. For more photos of the guys at Tabu, head to team captain Freddy Shelley’s Instagram page, @fredricjoss. You can see more of Dillon’s photos over on the Philly Post.

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