Monday Kickstarter: David Beckham Used a Butt Double in H&M Ad

Plus: President Obama to honor late PFLAG founder Jeanne Manford, State Rep. Brian Sims is interviewed on ESPN and more!

I trolled the web for news all weekend so you wouldn’t have to.

Brace yourselves. David Beckham used a butt double in his recent H&M underwear ad.


  • GetEQUAL stages a rally outside the White House to protest the President’s “failed promise to end workplace discrimination.” —Gay Star News
  • Sad news. Chief Warrant Officer Charlie Morgan, who raised one hell of a fight for LGBTQ rights in the military and against the repeal of DOMA, dies after struggling with breast cancer. —Queerty
  • Reps from the Boy Scouts say the initial news that they were meeting to discuss dropping the ban on gays was leaked, which created  “an impression that change was imminent.” —New York Times
  • Colorado Senate approves civil-union bill. —Towleroad
  • The Pentagon is dragging its tail when it comes to providing all rights to LGBTQ troops and their families. —Gay Star News
  • Fox News accidentally uses a photo of a lip-locking, newlywed lesbian couple in a story about traditional marriage. —Buzz Feed
  • The White House announces it will award the Presidential Citizen Medal to late PFLAG founder, Jeanne Manford. — Poliglot
  • An MIT baseball captain comes out to his team. —Towleroad


  • The Turkish Armed Forces announces it will adopt a don’t ask, don’t tell-type policy that says “any soldier who is out in the army will thus be expelled after a military ‘medical report’ is submitted and approved by the Turkish Ministry of National Defence.” —Gay Star News
  • Better news: Ukraine to ban discrimination against gays. —Kyiv Post


  • David Beckham used a butt double in that just-released H&M underwear ad. Blasphemy! —TV Guide
  • Road-Trip/Get-Your-Tickets-Now Alert! Liza Minneli and Alan Cummings second performance at New York City’s Town Hall are on sale RIGHT NOW! —Liza and Alan
  • Lance Bass slams Chris Brown for calling Frank Ocean a “faggot,” saying it’s comparable to using the “N” word. —Gay Star News
  • X Factor winner Shayne Ward poses nude in Attitude magazine’s “Naked” issue. —Queerty
  • Cant’ stop watching RuPaul’s video for Peanut Butter starring New Orleans rapper Big Freedia. —Queerty
  • ABC Family picks up Jennifer Lopez’s new sitcom about lesbian mom. The show will air this summer. —Gay Star News


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