Where to Find the Best Tacos in Philadelphia: The Ultimate Guide

From Kensington to deep South Philly, our list of the best places to sate your taco craving.

Tacos “alt-pastor” at Sor Ynez | Photo provided

Look, we do not have to convince you to eat tacos. No one has to be convinced to eat tacos. Right now, at this moment in American culinary history (and for the past several years, really), the taco has been representative of all our chef-y yearnings toward the fusion of high- and low-brow eating. Casual, but thoughtful. Simple, but deep.

In Mexican culinary history? Well, the taco has been there forever. Indispensable. A cultural touchstone. Also, the best possible transportation vehicle for everything that’s excellent about Mexican food — protein and spice and heat and savor.

The taco is everything to all people. It is whatever you want it to be. It has been borrowed by a hundred different cooking traditions and used to carry everything from ice cream to Korean fried chicken. And here in Philly? Man, do we have some tacos. So, if you’re looking for a place to eat them, we are here to help — with this neighborhood-by-neighborhood list of all the best places to eat tacos in Philadelphia right now.

The Places You Must Try First

Blue Corn | Facebook

South Philly Barbacoa, Italian Market
Yeah, we loved this place before all the national awards, nominations and TV shows. 1140 South Ninth Street.

Blue Corn, Italian Market
The cochinita pibil tacos here — Yucatán-style pork marinated in citrus and wrapped in banana leaves before being cooked low and slow — are our favorite. 940 South Ninth Street.

Sor Ynez
While there’s plenty of meat to be had here, it’s the vegetarian tacos that really steal the show at Sor Ynez, like the spit-roasted cauliflower “alt-pastor” or the mushroom carnitas. 1800 North American Street.

Philly Tacos, Point Breeze
You’d think that with a handle like that, this joint would be slinging tortillas filled with chopped steak and Whiz. But don’t let the name fool you. The man behind this place is Juan Carlos Romero, Philly’s own master of al pastor. It’s perfect for those of you missing Los Taquitos de Puebla (Romero’s former restaurant) and an excellent place for tacos. 2011 Reed Street.

El Techo, Center City
To be honest, we’d go to El Techo for the city views and retractable roof, even if the food wasn’t that good. But luckily it is, especially the vegetarian rajas tacos, as are the excellent (and very strong) cocktails. 1826 Ludlow Street.

Juana Tamale, pop-ups
The birria craze has hit Philadelphia, and the leader of the pack is Jennifer Zavala’s newly opened Juana Tamale, where she serves quesabirria tacos as well as birria ramen. 1941 East Passyunk Avenue.

Best Tacos in the Italian Market and Bella Vista

Tacos California | Facebook

Prima Pizza Taqueria Mexicana
This just-south-of-Washington spot serves up some of the Philly restaurant industry’s favorite tacos. No wonder — they’re perfect for a late-night pit stop, with service till 4 a.m. 1104 South 9th Street.

Mole Poblano
Yes, the place has a dedicated following based on the authentic mole and enchiladas (generally covered in mole). But if you’re looking for tacos, the simple beef-and-cheese option is kind of like a Mexican cheesesteak. 1144 South 9th Street.

Casa Mexico
South Philly Barbacoa’s sister restaurant has a menu that changes every day. Most days, though, you’ll find several taco options, including a tacos dorados, a rolled and fried taco often stuffed with chicken, cheese or chorizo, and topped with salsa, avocado and iceberg lettuce. 1134 South 9th Street.

Tacos California
Our 2017 Best of Philly winner is one of the only spots in the city serving up tacos de canasta — tacos that are pre-assembled in a basket, often with a layer of onion and sprinkling of chili oil in between — and allowed to steam, then served with salsas. 1030 South 8th Street.

Tacos El Rodeo
There’s always a line at this truck, which posts up near 10th Street and Washington Avenue. Be sure to ask for your taco classic style for the traditional toppings of cilantro and onions, unless the Americanized option with sour cream, cheese, lettuce and tomato is more your thing. 1000 Washington Avenue.

Taqueria la Veracruzana
Simple, classic and exactly what you want in a neighborhood taqueria. Plus, it’s a South Philly Mexican BYOB with occasional wandering mariachis, so how can you beat that? 908 Washington Avenue.

Choose from a range of taco options here, from straightforward favorites like tilapia and shrimp to chicken bacon ranch. There’s even a Tex Mex section of the taco menu, serving up fillings in flour tortillas with gringo-friendly toppings like guac, lettuce and cheese. 1225 Fitzwater Street.

Best Tacos in South Philly

Los Gallos | Facebook

La Virgen de los Nieves
La Virgen’s slate of masa-based delicacies is expansive, with sopas, huaraches, tlacoyos and more. But the fried tacos are our favorite. And they will be yours, too. 1839 South 8th Street.

Taqueria Morales
Taqueria Morales is a neighborhood restaurant where everything is above and beyond — the tortillas are made by hand daily, the proteins are all seasoned and cooked perfectly, and the grilled onions served alongside all the tacos are absolutely addictive. 1429 Jackson Street.

La Llorona
We go back to La Llorona time after time for its seafood dishes, including the shrimp tacos. Deep fried to crispy, crunchy perfection and served with a raw Serrano chili salsa and creamy jalapeño sauce, they’re a perfect summer dinner. 1551 West Passyunk Avenue.

La Canasta
La Canasta is named for the tacos de canasta they serve each week on Friday and Saturday. Go early and you’ll be rewarded with a prize of six tacos de canasta for $10, soft and supple from a few hours steaming in their namesake basket, full of chorizo and potato, beans, or chicharron, and ready to be drizzled with salsa and scarfed as soon as you get home. 2341 South 4th Street.

Yes, this spot does some very authentic Mexican food (a long list of tacos included). But the cool thing about Tamalex is that it also offers Honduran food, and a couple different versions of chilaquiles on the breakfast menu. 1163 South 7th Street.

Los Gallos
Typically, we’d avoid recommending the American-style tacos rancheros section of the menu, with its sour cream and cheese toppings, but their huitlacoche taco — a prized fungus that sometimes grows on ears of corn — is too good to pass up. 951 Wolf Street.

Cafe Ynez
Their classic fish taco — made with pan-seared tilapia — gets dressed up with pineapple-habanero salsa, sliced avocado, lettuce, sour cream and a crumble of cotija. 2025 Washington Avenue.

El Jarocho
Expect simple and straightforward street-style tacos on a menu already full of sopes, huaraches and excellent spicy shrimp burritos. 1138 South 13th Street.

Pistola’s Del Sur
This Pistola’s brings its tweaked taco recipes to South Philly. For a taste of Mexico via New Orleans, try the catfish po’boy taco served with crispy white cabbage, pico de gallo, chipotle aioli and cilantro. 1934 East Passyunk Avenue.

Los Cuatro Soles
When you’re west of Broad and craving tacos, this is the spot for classic tacos and variations like tacos gringas and tacos del sol — flour tortillas stuffed with melted cheese over slices of skirt steak. 1801 South Chadwick Street.

Cantina los Caballitos
This place does great empanadas and big plates of nachos, but in terms of tacos, they’ve got a big list that covers everything from vegan beef to goat. 1651 East Passyunk Avenue.

La Mula Terca
High-end Latin-American food makes up the bulk of the menu, but the kitchen also does some fantastic tacos — lamb birria, cilantro pesto shrimp and spicy mango chicken with pickled jalapenos. 2053 South Beechwood Street.

Cafe y Chocolate
This little corner restaurant specializes in Oaxacan hot chocolate, churros and some excellent veggie tacos stuffed with chipotle potatoes, nopales and shredded carrots. The carnivore tacos are solid, too. 1532 Snyder Avenue.

Best Tacos in West Philly and University City

Dos Hermanos | Facebook

The first floor of this Garces mainstay is a taqueria, offering signature iterations (like the plantain-crusted mahi mahi), taco bars for two, four or six folks, and JG’s tacos with fillings such as plant-based chorizo. 3945 Chestnut Street.

Breakfast tacos aren’t a staple in Philly the way they are in Texas, but TacoTacoMexican offers potato, egg, and cheese-stuffed burritos and tacos every Saturday and Sunday. Trust us, they’re worth the wait. 261 South 44th Street.

Dos Hermanos
Why decide between shrimp and fish? This food truck that posts up on the Drexel campus near 34th and Market streets puts both on a tortilla, and the result is stellar. 34th and Market.

Tacos Don Memo
The menu at Tacos Don Memo is so simple — steak, chicken, pork and spicy pork, plus a breakfast taco option for mornings — and yet the saucy, flavorful fillings need nothing but a garnish of onion, cilantro and lime. Catch the cash-only truck weekday afternoons on 38th Street between Walnut and Spruce Streets or Saturdays at 43rd Street and Chester Avenue during the Clark Park Farmers’ Market. 270 South 38th Street.

Best Tacos in Center City

Revolution Taco | Facebook

El Rey
Each tortilla-swaddled stack of rich, shredded duck meat gets topped with a perfectly poppable (and Instagrammable) fried egg. 2013 Chestnut Street.

Revolution Taco
Score a trio of Revolution’s uniquely flavored tacos at their brick-and-mortar spot near 20th and Walnut streets or follow them on Twitter to find out where their truck is popping up across the city. 2015 Walnut Street.

Rosy’s Taco Bar
Open seven days a week, with late-night weekend hours, brunch, happy hour and a philanthropic bent (a portion of the proceeds go toward immigrant causes), Rosy’s is an ideal addition to the neighborhood. On top of all that, the tacos — both traditional and especial — are pretty good, too. 2220 Walnut Street.

Mission Taqueria
This light-filled upstairs joint from Oyster House owner Sam Mink puts a contemporary polish on favorite Mexican dishes. To go all out, try the tasting menu, which comes with three tacos, salsas, ceviche, empanadas and tres leches cake, all for $35. 1516 Sansom Street.

Tio Flores
Indulge in fantastic guac, strong margs, fun tacos and dessert nachos. Yes, that’s right: dessert nachos, with cinnamon-sugar fried tortillas, vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, chocolate sauce and cookies. 1600 South Street.

For a sit-down meal with a wine pairing or excellent cocktail menu, Tequilas is the choice. Their menu includes tacos (of course!) as well as enchiladas, molcajetes and much, much more. 1602 Locust Street.

Best Tacos in Fishtown, Kensington, Port Richmond and NoLibs

Cantina Dos Segundos | Facebook

Sancho Pistola’sFishtown
There are few places in Philly that take tacos more seriously than Sancho Pistola’s, and if you can’t find something you like at a place that offers both brussels-sprout-leaf tacos and lobster tacos with black-bean puree and chile de arbol sauce, maybe tacos aren’t really what you’re looking for. 19 West Girard Avenue.

Loco Pez
Come here any day for the awesome (and filling) chorizo and potato tacos. But the best possible use of Twitter in Philly remains following @locopeztacos to find out when the dollar taco nights are on. (And don’t forget the West Philly location.) 2401 East Norris Street.

This modern Mexican restaurant with a full bar and a good selection of tequilas and mezcals — right in the middle of Port Richmond — is proof that the Fishtown Effect is spreading far beyond the traditional boundaries of that neighborhood. 2636 Ann Street.

Stephen Starr’s modern Mexican restaurant-slash-listening room opened to much fanfare in 2021. The seafood-focused menu and creative cocktail list paired with a lineup of modern art shows and a bona-fide listening room has made it the go-to spot for Fishtown nightlife. 1739 North Front Street.

The star of this glorified Fishtown taco stand’s menu is the fried octopus taco, topped with tomato jam, chimichurri sauce and queso fresco. But everything else on the menu is almost as good, just as messy and just as ideal for last-call taco bingeing. (Check out the second location in Fairmount, too.) 1431 Frankford Avenue.

Que Chula es Puebla
This spot on North 2nd Street serves up flavorful tacos for sure (particularly the shredded chicken), but the stellar ingredient here is definitely the salsa. 1356 North 2nd Street.

Cantina Dos Segundos
This northern outpost of the Cantina los Cabalitos family has more than a hundred kinds of tequila behind the bar, Mexican poutine on the menu, a kale caesar (if that’s your jam) and a whole taqueria portion of their menu offering tacos, bowls and burritos. 931 North 2nd Street.

Taco Riendo
With five kinds of breakfast tacos and a list of regular tacos as long as your arm, this is THE place to check out when you’re looking for a taco in Fishtown — and maybe the only place if you’re looking for tacos de cabeza. 1301 North 5th Street.

Best Tacos in Spring Garden and Fairmount

La Calaca Feliz | Facebook

Buena Onda
Sure, there are other items on the menu. But you can safely ignore everything but the fried Atlantic mahi mahi and fried Pacific shrimp tacos, which represent the best expression of this beach-inspired taco shack. Even better, their fish is sustainably sourced according to Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guidelines. 1901 Callowhill Street.

La Chinesca
The Mexicali menu at La Chinesca might be unfamiliar to Philadelphians, but the menu will draw you in quickly. The star of the taco options are the fish tacos, but the surprising menu is worth sampling widely. 1036 Spring Garden Street.

La Calaca Feliz
The tilapia in La Calaca’s fish tacos gets its crisp thanks to a plantain crust and a hop in the fryer. Then they’re topped with cabbage, avocado and a lemon vinaigrette. 2321 Fairmount Avenue.

El Purepecha
This archetypal hole-in-the-wall taco shop has quickly become a favorite among locals. There’s not much in the way of seating, just a couple tables and some counter seats, but the takeout business is brisk. Come here for the fish tacos (and fish burritos) and shrimp tacos, and stay for pretty much anything else for which you’re in the mood. 469 North 10th Street.

Best Tacos on the Main Line and Beyond

Taqueria Feliz | Facebook

Jaco Juice & Taco Bar
This juice bar and taco shop may be health-oriented, but their tacos still taste great: The cotija cheese, tomatillo salsa, and roasted poblano crema offered on each taco set them apart. West Chester and Media locations.

Taqueria Amor
The Horsham location closed during the pandemic, but they’re still turning out taco ingredients that run from brussels sprouts and cauliflower to carnitas and Carolina barbecue shrimp. Feeling frisky? There are a couple of specials involving fried chicken skin drenched in hot sauce or grasshoppers with guacamole. 4410 Main Street, Manayunk.

El Primo Taqueria
Nosh on authentic Puebla-style Mexican food in the heart of Norristown. The elote is awesome, and the list of tacos is impressive. 1719 Markley Street, Norristown.

San Lucas
This huge menu has something for everyone — including large entree plates full of everything good under the sun. But the taco list is impressive all on its own, offering relative rarities like lengua, tripe, birria, cecina and suadera (shredded, salted and steamed beef, respectively). 2600 Federal Street, Camden.

Lumbrada Cocina Mexicana
Mexican breakfast all day? Yes, please. And the simple, fresh, street-style tacos are excellent, too. Wayne and Norristown locations.