Philly’s Eastern European Restaurants for Borscht, Khachapuri, Pierogis and More

From freshly baked Georgian khachapuri to big steaming bowls of Russian stews to Polish stuffed cabbage, Northeast Philly is a treasure trove of Eastern European delights. Here’s where to go when the cravings hit.

russian food

For lots of people, eating seasonally means enjoying the bounty of regional farms year-round, letting produce lead the way throughout the year. For us, it also means that — but it also means that the regional foods we crave changes throughout the year: We crave coastal cuisines in the summer, and foods based in frigid regions in the winter. Hence: we’ve recently been knocked sideways with the need to head to the Northeastern part of the city and eat as much soup, cheesey breads, and dumplings in sour cream as we possibly can. If you, like us, need some of the same, we’ve got the spots for you.


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NetCost MarketNortheast Philly
There are a couple of NetCost Markets in northeast Philly, but the one on Bustleton Avenue has an extensive bakery section as well as a hot bar where you can stock up on prepared food by the pound. 11701 Bustleton Avenue

Southhampton SpaSouthhampton
This is, indeed, a spa, and we are recommending that you go there to eat borscht, kebabs and smoked fish after a couple of hours of shocking your system between the sauna and cold rooms. 141 Second Street Pike, Southampton, PA

Golden Gates RestaurantNortheast Philly
If you’re looking for a Ruski dinner party — like a true vodka-shots-all-night-long kind of night — Golden Gates is the spot. Go for big, family-style portions of Russian food served to large groups in a very … particular kind of dining room, with live music and performances. 11058 Rennard Street


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Uzbekistan RestaurantNortheast Philly
With tall ceiling and brick archways, Uzbekistan Restaurant has a distinctly old-world feel. It’s the ideal spot to dig into spicy carrot salad, multiple types of borscht, samsa, and more. 12012 Bustleton Avenue

Samarkand SteakhouseNortheast Philly
The menu at Samarkand is immense, so you’ll need a big group of hungry people and a plan. We recommend ordering a couple of the shish kebabs, an order of manti, and an order of the samsa, with come with beef, lamb or pumpkin. 1135 Bustleton Pike

Shish Kabob PalaceNortheast Philly
Plov, or rice pilaf, is made all over Eastern Europe, and Shish Kabob Palace makes theirs in an Uzbeki style with carrots and your choice of beef or chicken. Order it, plus a couple of meat dishes, and don’t forget a slice of their honey cake. 1683 Grant Avenue


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The Dinner HousePort Richmond
The Dinner House is a cozy, home style restaurant serving an ever-changing but small menu of polish specialities including, yes, pierogis, which they make in house. Potato pancakes are a must-order, as is the chicken soup and the livers. The space is small, but they do an excellent takeout and delivery business for the surrounding neighborhoods. 2706 East Allegheny Avenue

Mom Mom’s Kitchen, South Street
Mom Mom’s started as a pop-up at farmer’s markets selling cooked and frozen pierogis in 2013. Nowadays, you can order in person at their South Street brick-and-mortar for takeout or to eat at one of Bob & Barbara’s outdoor tables. In addition to pierogis, they offer grilled kielbasa with sauerkraut, golabki, and pickle soup. 1505 South Street

Czerw’sPort Richmond
Not a restaurant, but Czerw’s is one of the only spots in the city to stock up on all your Polish pantry items, including kielbasa (for which they’re known) as well as sauerkraut, spicy mustard, and handmade frozen pierogis. 3370 Tilton Street

The Pierogie Kitchen, Roxborough
There’s more to Polish cuisine than pierogis, but we certainly do love them — especially from a place that dedicates their entire existence to them. 648 Roxborough Avenue


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Georgian Bread and CuisineNortheast Philly
There are other things on the menu at Georgian Bread, but you’re here to eat khachapuri, those boat-shaped, cheese-filled vessel of comfort that the kitchen bakes up in a traditional Georgian oven that is part kiln, part tandoor. We’ve loved it since 2017, and you will too. 10865 Bustleton Ave

Georgian Bakery & CafeNortheast Philly
You can’t really go wrong at Georgian Bakery and Cafe. It’s the right place to sit down, peruse the menu, and order everything and anything that gets your attention, including the ground meat-stuffed khinkali, the grilled eggplant salad and more. 11749 Bustleton Avenue

Gamarjoba Georgian RestaurantNortheast Philly
Request to sit on the patio at Gamarjoba, where you can enjoy the cozy ambiance of twinkly lights and heat lamps year round. Start with an order of kubdari, a lamb-stuffed bread, then nibble your way through the rest of the menu, which is extensive (and includes photos for the uninitiated.) 13033 Bustleton Avenue