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Top Chef All-Stars Recap: Ding Dong, Two Witches are Dead

Fidel Gastro entertains us with another recap of Top Chef All-Stars.


An Irreverent Look at Top Chef

We’re back doing Top Chef recaps with the help of one of our favorite bloggers and eater of unfortunate things, Fidel Gastro. Fidel will be taking […]


Put a Moustache on This Burrito and Call it a Wrap

Fidel Gastro recaps Top Chef Season 7, Episode 10 like only he can. The shock of Smoove K’s departure is hanging around the Top Chef […]

Top Chef Recap: I Learned It By Watching You

Austin.  Home of SXSW, the Salt Lick, Vince Young’s alma mater and, now, 10 cheftestants whose first task is to elude a chainsaw-wielding maniac wearing […]

Top Chef Recap: Three The Hard Way

After squeezing as many product placements, thematic challenges, stupid haircuts, dramatic stares and vacant looks from Padma as they could out of making dinner at […]


Top Chef Recap: Guess Who’s Back In The Motherf@#kin’ House…

…with some Asian cooking for your mother@#kin’ mouth? That’s right. Beverly Kim’s power of positive thinking has put her in the same category as cockroaches […]


Top Chef Recap: What’s A Block Party?

After an Olympian effort last week that resulted in the elimination of the cheftestant everyone loves/loved to hate, the remaining six are back to being […]


Roots Picnic Winner Crowned

If the path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom, then last night’s judges panel, myself included, are now experts in food.  To pick […]


Top Chef Recap: Four Courses to Freedom

Fidel Gastro recaps the finale of Top Chef All-Stars, an exciting end to a sometimes arduous season. And finally, the finale.  Two Top Chef titans […]

Top Chef: Philly’s Eddie Konrad Says So Long to Kentucky

A few final reflections on the Top Chef experience from our hometown hero.