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Buzz: Would You Change Your Name for This Man?

Attending a conference on Word-of-Mouth Marketing with a word-of-mouth marketer who is hoping to “buzz” his new book is one of those things that’s a […]

Now that we can get Lost on our iPods, do we need Comcast anymore? It’s Jeff Shell’s job to make sure we do. He just has to turn 15th and Market into Hollywood

Comcast’s new president of programming could maybe use a beer right now. He is sitting in a sterile conference room on the ninth floor of […]

Or maybe the state’s first black governor. He also wants to radically reform the state’s school system. But is the bombastic politician someone to be reckoned with, or just a son trying to escape his father’s considerable shadow?

“Why don’t you run?” It was two Januaries ago, at one of their regular Friday afternoon meetings. For weeks, political operative Josh Morrow had been […]


Where to Eat in Chinatown: The Ultimate Guide

From dim sum to rolled ice cream, sushi to sausages, and every kind of dumpling you can imagine, here’s what you need to know about eating in Chinatown.

mary gay scanlon

Can Mary Gay Scanlon and D.C.’s New Wave of Female Voices Derail the Trump Train?

The Philly lawyer-turned-Congressional newcomer is doing her best to find out.

baby boomers smoke marijuana

Pot Is Super Popular Among My Fellow Boomers. So Why Can’t I Get on Board?

One of Philadelphia’s most celebrated novelists tries to rekindle the spark.


Is This Nuts? More Couples Living Together After Divorce

“They split up.” “They split up?” My friend and I were sitting side by side on folding canvas chairs, both wrapped in fleece, both clutching […]


Why We Love Philly: Tailgating the Linc

I’m standing in a parking lot across from Lincoln Financial Field, juggling a can of Miller Lite and my notebook, as 50 Cent teaches me […]


Inside the Fight to Abolish Police in Philadelphia

YahNé Ndgo and other local activists have been advocating for years to get police out of Black communities. Now, is the rest of the city ready to listen?

rhynhart kenney

Rhynhart vs. Kenney: Inside the Most Contentious Relationship in City Hall

Rebecca Rhynhart’s critics — including the mayor — see her as a grandstanding opportunist. Her supporters see her as the breath of fresh air Philly politics needs.