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Top Chef Episode 5: A Sweaty Progression

Off to Dallas we go with 14 chefs left. Some cheftestants continue to fly way under the radar (who the hell is Whitney Otawka?), while […]


Top Chef All-Stars: Just Like Mom Used to Make

Fidel Gastro recaps the latest but not the last in this drawn out Top Chef season. Does a guest judge show up tanked?


Top Chef All-Stars: The Secret Ingredient Is…Love?

Fidel Gastro survives motion sickness to provide the recap to this week’s Top Chef All-Stars.


Top Chef Episode 4: Tennis, Anyone? (The Great Stuffing Debate)

With last week’s double elimination, we no longer have to worry about which fat Dale I’m talking about, and Stephen doesn’t have to worry about […]


Top Chef All-Stars: Shut Up Angelo

Fidel Gastro recaps episode 3 of Top Chef All-Stars.

Top Chef All-Stars Episode 7: No Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

Fidel Gastro recaps Top Chef All-Stars while battling through an uncommon ailment. Disclaimer: I am writing this recap after unsuccessfully attempting to eat 3 pounds […]

Top Chef Episode 3 Recap: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Philly’s lone cheftestant, Eddie Konrad, stumbles over words but finds his footing with shortcake.

Top Chef Episode 6 Recap: Where’s the Beef?

Eddie Konrad’s contemporary Polish food wins the crown.


Top Chef Episode 2 Recap

Surf (And Turf’s) Up!


Top Chef Episode 13 Recap

WWNED (What Would Nick Elmi Do).