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Anh Mai, @maistylepages

One glance at the photos from this local stylist — all bleached-out hair, a modern wardrobe of mostly black and white, a bunch of Celine […]

Jane Golden Loves Cookies

My name is … Jane Golden. When I was young, I didn’t really like the name, because of that book about Dick and Jane. And […]

David’s Mai Lai Wah

Liquor license? Check. Open at 3 a.m.? You bet. Pork dumplings with ginger scallion sauce that are more addictive than crack, heroin and crystal meth […]


Next Iron Chef Episode 6-UMAMI (Deliciousness)

We are down to the final four contestants on The Next Iron Chef and our man Jose Garces has positioned him as the chef to […]


Cheap Eats: Sumo Sushi

We all know sushi has gone the way of many ethnic cuisines: it has been Americanized and diversified, split into fast, authentic orders in small […]

The Double Life of Celebrity Stylist Anh Mai

Career and fashion advice from Philly’s coolest chick.

Goin’ Tiki: The City’s Best Mai Tai

BY VICTOR FIORILLO When was the last time you had a Mai Tai? You know, the rum-drenched, umbrella-and-cherry-topped drink that you always see listed on […]

REVIEW: Curio’s Marie Antoinette has Éclat… Mais Pourquoi?

David Adjmi’s clever but thin play offers theatrical showmanship but not much else.

7 questions with Ja Mai

How HIV has affected her, and why you should dine out for life.

Cheu Noodle Bar’s Tiki Night Means Lots of Spam, Loco Moco and Mai Tais

Next week, Washington Square West’s ramen bar goes tiki.


Where to Eat Sushi in Philadelphia: The Ultimate Guide

Sushi in Philly? Yes. Because it’s time that we started paying attention to something we’ve been doing really well for years.


Is Our Best Thai in Roxborough?

Adam Erace heads to Leverington and Ridge and discovers Phu Fha Thai, an until now below the radar Thai restaurant in Roxborough. Erace even goes as far to […]

The 239 restaurant dishes that define Philadelphia’s food scene.

SCORE A SNEAK PEEK AT THE HIGHLIGHTS HERE! Here’s the problem with having an increasingly rich food scene like ours: It’s hard to know what […]

Philly Mag’s resident food critic chats about her new cookbook, Almost Meatless — and reveals how you can lose pounds while saving the planet.

Your book is all about reducing the amount of meat we eat. What was your inspiration? My own desire to find a kind of middle […]

salk institute

Famous Louis Kahn Building Deteriorating?

The Salk Institute needs some touch-ups.