The 2014 Foobooz 50 Best Bars of Philadelphia


Pub & Kitchen is the Best Bar in Philadelphia | Photo by Michael Persico

We asked 25 of the city’s best chefs, bartenders, beer geeks, cork dorks and professional drinkers to weigh in on the best bars in Philly. Here, in order, are the 50 best places to drink in a city made for drinking. Philadelphia, meet the 50 Best Bars Class of 2014.

  1. Pub & KitchenRittenhouse In the city that created the gastropub, Pub & Kitchen has perfected the concept. ★
  2. American Sardine Bar, Point Breeze Point Breeze, you’ve arrived.
  3. The Industry, Pennsport Always fun, and the staff is remarkably friendly.
  4. South Philadelphia Tap Room, Point Breeze With ASB and SPTR, owner John Longacre has figured out the formula for running great bars. ★
  5. Hop Sing Laundromat, Chinatown Yes, there are a lot of rules, but the cocktails make them all worthwhile.
  6. Khyber Pass Pub, Old City Still the best reason to go drinking in  Old City. ★
  7. José Pistola’s, Center City Adan Trinidad’s food has elevated an already great experience. ★
  8. A.Bar, Rittenhouse Perhaps the sexiest bar in Philadelphia, complemented by excellent cocktails and  a menu by Eli Kulp.
  9. The Good King Tavern, Bella Vista A happy place for wine and cocktail aficionados. ❊
  10. Johnny Brenda’s, Fishtown Live music, surprising food and local  beers. It’s the Swiss Army knife of bars. ★
  11. Sancho Pistola’s, Fishtown José Pistola’s sibling has hit the ground running. ❊
  12. Standard Tap, Northern Liberties The gastropub pioneer is still getting it done. ★
  13. Frankford Hall, Fishtown For when you need to get away and can only get to Fishtown.
  14. Memphis Taproom, Fishtown This past summer was all about pop-up beer gardens, but could any really beat Memphis’s? ★
  15. Devil’s Den, South Philly Come for the beer lover’s happy hour,  stay for the fireplace. ☆
  16. Brauhaus Schmitz, Bella Vista Nobody does big events like Brauhaus. It also rocks a schnitzel and a beer. ☆
  17. Southwark, Queen Village Even as cocktails become a bigger part of Philadelphia’s bar scene, Southwark’s classics stand out. ★
  18. Royal Tavern, Bella Vista The ultimate neighborhood hang. The  food specials and friendly service will  have you coming back. ★
  19. Garage, South Philly All the canned beer you can imagine, plus Skee-Ball and easy access to cheesesteaks. ❊
  20. Kraftwork, Fishtown A well-curated beer selection and solid menu items keep Kraftwork crowded. ☆
  21. Tria Cafe, Rittenhouse and Center City Celebrating the three fermentables of wine, beer and cheese is always best at a Tria. ★
  22. Doobies, Center City Quirky, cheap and animal-friendly.
  23. Bob & Barbara’s, Grad Hospital Home to the Citywide Special and rowdy Thursdays. ★
  24. Grace Tavern, Grad Hospital Keep it simple keeps working for Grace. That and burgers till 2 a.m. ★
  25. Prohibition Taproom, Center City It’s a dark yet inviting bar that nails the good beer/good food/good vibe formula.
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  1. Boot & Saddle, South Philly From happy hour to the live music through to last call, B&S delivers. ❊
  2. Petruce et al., Midtown Village The all-star cast ensures everything from the wine to the manhattan is on point. ❊
  3. Percy Street Barbecue, Bella Vista Get there early enough for the happy-hour bites, stay for a boozy root beer float. ❊
  4. Ranstead Room, Center City Dark and sexy — perfect for a date. ☆
  5. Good Dog Bar, Center City Out in Center City? There’s always time  for a round at the Good Dog. ★
  6. Oscar’s, Rittenhouse If you don’t like Oscar’s, we can’t be friends. ❊
  7. Townsend, South Philly No doubt Townsend Wentz’s food is the star, but the drinks aren’t an afterthought. ❊
  8. Tria Taproom, Rittenhouse It’s Tria Cafe’s hot brother, into beer and flatbreads. ❊
  9. Fountain Porter, South Philly A unique beer list and $5 burgers.
  10. MilkBoy, Midtown Village Brightening a once-dead corner. ❊
  11. Volvér, Center City Perfect for when you’re feeling fancy. ❊
  12. Emmanuelle, Northern Liberties Sexy cocktails in a sexy space.
  13. Loco Pez, Fishtown Tacos and drinks when you’re on a budget.
  14. Dandelion, Rittenhouse A Center City escape across the ocean. ❊
  15. McMenamin’s, Mount Airy Even if this isn’t your neighborhood, you’ll want this to be your bar.
  16. Monk’s Cafe, Rittenhouse If we have one complaint about Monk’s, it’s that we don’t go there enough. ★
  17. Stateside, South Philly All-American spirits and beers, with the best people-watching on East Passyunk.
  18. Jerry’s Bar, Northern Liberties Formerly an old-man joint, it now serves as a blueprint for what a bar should be.
  19. Sidecar Bar & Grille, Grad Hospital Always something special on tap — that goes for the beers and the food. ★
  20. City Tap House, West Philly The most taps in the city, and a great outdoor space to boot.
  21. Grey Lodge, Northeast Philly The great bar of the Great Northeast. ★
  22. Varga Bar, Washington Square West The fries and wings alone are worth it. ★
  23. Barcade, Fishtown Excellent beers and vintage arcade games. What’s not to love?
  24. Pub on Passyunk East, South Philly It can be crowded and hot, but everyone is always having fun, bartenders included. ★
  25. Strangelove’s, Midtown Village An excellent choice for the vegetarian or carnivorous beer lover. ❊

  – Appears on all six years of the Foobooz 50 Best Bars List. ☆ – Appears on five Foobooz Best Bars Lists. ❊ – New to the list in 2014.